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NHB: the inside story

Manifold Kits

Navien’s Manifold kits are ideal for hydronic space heating applications. With these manifolds, we have done the piping work for you. Both primary and secondary loop manifold kits are designed to work on all NHB models for fast and clean installations. All need to add is your own appropriately sized pump.

Common vent up to 8 units and cascade up to 16 units

Note: for NHB-110 and NHB-150 units

Space saving

The sleek wall-hung design uses less space than traditional floor standing boilers

Easy to install

1/2″ gas connections and 2″ PVC venting help reduce installation time.

Total control

All system setup and operations available at your fingertips.

Recognized as the most efficient in 2016 by EnergyStar.

Industry’s largest turn down ratio providing high operational efficiencies through multiple zones.

The smart control provides the contractor with the most efficient installation options.

2″ PVC venting up to 60′,
3″ PVC venting up to 150′.

The cascading feature for 150 and 110 models will enable 1-16 units based on demand and balance workload for longer life.

Gives the installer the ability to maximize boiler performance and temperature control.

• Adjustable heat capacity.
• A timed hydronic supply water boost feature.
• Adjustable anti-cycle timer.
• Freeze protection.
• Pressure LWCO with manual reset.
• Adjustable minimum burner time setting.
• Adjustable turn down ratio timing.
• Outdoor reset and domestic hot water priority.
• Adjustable outdoor temperature reset curves.
• Field convertibility.

Gas input ranges